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Landlord and tenant borad

The Landlord and Tenant Board solves all issues relating to residential tenancies in Ontario. The Landlord and
Tenant Act provide both facts and notifications. The parties have several rights and responsibilities relevant to
their residential lease. Also, there are conflicts between the owner and the occupant that can resolve at the LTB.
And the LTB has the authority to hear and rule on those conflicts under the RTA. A group can operate on its
behalf or can request a qualified paralegal or advocate assistance.

The LTB provides the public with information. However, they are not willing to help with the paperwork and
offer legal advice. A qualified paralegal or lawyer can provide legal advice or appear on behalf of a group before
the Board. We are raising awareness around the landlord and tenant problems, especially the laws and the
procedures problems. Claire Joseph Paralegal Services has many years of experience working with LTB issues
with both owners and tenants. So, below are the resources we offer to help landlords and tenants.

Landlords' Services

Tenant Services

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