Small Claims Court

In Ontario, civil cases such as violation of contract, tort, and neglect, selling of products and
services, overdue invoices, recovery of debts, and unfair dismissals are by the Small Claims Court.
The division of the Superior Court of Justice is the Ontario Small Claims Court. And its monetary
authority is $35,000. If your lawsuit is up to $35,000, then the right venue to continue the litigation
is the Small Claims Court. However, the main drawback is that you would have to give up your
rights to every sum above $35,000. The litigation practice is expeditious and cost-effective in
small claims courts.

Claire Joseph Paralegal Services (CJSP) has experience in working with small claims court. The
prosecution at the small claims court tends to be straightforward yet complicated and challenging.
And Small Claims Court has many laws that need to be enforced by the Court of Justice Act
throughout the trial.

So, working with a paralegal will help prevent any delays, outrage, and misunderstandings.
And, with our expertise and knowledge in small claims court, we will serve your legal interest
the best possible way. CJSP prices are reasonable. We can help you through any phase of the
litigation process, from the initiation of legal proceedings to the compliance of the judge.

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